Meriweather did not practice Monday because of a groin injury. But we’ll find out more about his status Thursday.\n
Coach Mike Shanahan did let us know that “our quarterbacks are both doing well.” Believe it or not, for once, we did not even ask him about the quarterback’s health. That’s probably the first time that’s happened since Dec. 7 -- two days before the Baltimore game last season.\n\n\n
The Redskins had to be in compliance with the salary cap Wednesday (along with every other NFL team). The problem for Washington is that it has two suspended players who still count against the salary cap in end Jarvis Jenkins and linebacker Rob Jackson. And it has four players on injured reserve and the physically unable to perform list, who count against the cap as well.\n
Shanahan said they did not release any players in the final cuts for monetary reasons.\n\n\n
“I didn’t think it would be a competition,” Hall said. “Mike fit perfectly into what they wanted him to do as far as running that offense. ... He’ll be juiced up. He’s playing for a contract. They’re talking about running him out of town, so he has a lot of added pressure on himself to go out and make plays.”\n\n","title" :"Redskins notes: Stephen Bowen, Adam Carriker restructure contracts","byline" :"John Keim","linkText" :"Redskins notes: Bowen, Carriker restructure","description" :"\n The Redskins have returned to lockdown mode when it comes to injuries. Because they don’t have to release an injury report until Thursday, thanks to playing on Monday, we don’t know how much safety Brandon Meriweather practiced -- if at all.","published" :"2013-09-04T23:27:07Z","tags" :[{"name" :"Washington Redskins","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"washington-redskins","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Mike Shanahan","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"mike-shanahan","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"DeAngelo Hall","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"deangelo-hall","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Rob Jackson","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"rob-jackson","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Stephen Bowen","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"stephen-bowen","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Brandon Meriweather","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"brandon-meriweather","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Adam Carriker","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"adam-carriker","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Jarvis Jenkins","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"jarvis-jenkins","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"alfred morris","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"alfred-morris","type" :"tag"}],"keywords" :["Washington Redskins","Mike Shanahan","DeAngelo Hall","Rob Jackson","Stephen Bowen","Brandon Meriweather","Adam Carriker","Jarvis Jenkins","alfred morris"],"lastModified" :"2013-09-04T23:27:07Z","premium" :false,"links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"section" :"NFC East","source" :"","images" :[{"height" :80,"width" :80,"type" :"inline","url" :""}],"blogname" :"nfceast","sportRoot" :"nfl"}],"sportRoot" :"nfl"} Redskins notes: Bowen, Carriker restructure false false false false-->

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Redskins notes: Bowen, Carriker restructure

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