Fisher said Monday that he hoped Austin would be able to practice at some point this week. Clearly, that didn't happen, which makes Austin's status more tenuous for this week. It seems unlikely he'd play without practicing, but it's possible he could improve in the next couple of days, test the ankle before the game and play against the Bucs.\n
Here's the Rams' complete Friday injury report:\n
Questionable: Austin (ankle), running back Daryl Richardson (thigh)\n
Probable: Offensive lineman Mike Person (illness), linebacker Will Witherspoon (illness), cornerback Janoris Jenkins (back)","title" :"Tavon Austin questionable again","byline" :"Nick Wagoner","linkText" :"Tavon Austin questionable again","description" :"EARTH CITY, Mo. -- In today's edition of the Tavon Austin injury watch, we can confidently report that, well, there's not much to report.Austin sat out Friday's practice, just like he did Wednesday and Thursday, as he continues to nurse his ankle back to health.","published" :"2013-12-20T20:30:54Z","emailTime" :"2013-12-20T14:39:03+00:00 EST","tags" :[{"name" :"St. Louis Rams","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"st-louis-rams","type" :"category"},{"name" :"NFC West","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"nfc-west","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Daryl Richardson","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"daryl-richardson","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Tavon Austin","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"tavon-austin","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Janoris Jenkins","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"janoris-jenkins","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"NFL Injury Wire","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"nfl-injury-wire","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"2013 Week 16 NO at CAR","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"2013-week-16-no-at-car","type" :"tag"}],"keywords" :["St. Louis Rams","NFC West","Daryl Richardson","Tavon Austin","Janoris Jenkins","NFL Injury Wire","2013 Week 16 NO at CAR"],"lastModified" :"2013-12-20T20:09:50Z","premium" :false,"links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"section" :"St. Louis Rams","source" :"","images" :[],"blogname" :"st-louis-rams","sportRoot" :"nfl"}],"sportRoot" :"nfl"} Tavon Austin questionable again false false false false-->

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Tavon Austin questionable again

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