Nord plays for FC Portland on the club side and for Junction City (Junction City, Ore.) on the high school side. Her hometown is about 30 minutes from Oregon State.\n
Nord is the first confirmed commit to Oregon State for the Class of 2013.","title" :"Oregon State lands in-state keeper","byline" :"Chris Ackels","linkText" :"Oregon State lands in-state keeper","description" :"Elise Nord, a Class of 2013 goalkeeper from Junction City, Ore., has verbally committed to Oregon State, her family has confirmed to ESPNHS.Nord plays for FC Portland on the club side and for Junction City (Junction City, Ore.","published" :"2012-04-30T14:13:43Z","tags" :[{"name" :"Class of 2013 Verbals","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"class-of-2013-verbals","type" :"category"},{"name" :"National Girls Verbal Commitments","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"national-girls-verbal-commitments","type" :"category"},{"name" :"US Youth Soccer Girls News","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"us-youth-soccer-girls-news","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Oregon Girls Verbal Commitments","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"oregon-girls-verbal-commitments","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Oregon Girls Soccer News","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"oregon-girls-soccer-news","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Must See","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"must-see","type" :"category"},{"name" :"Elise Nord","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"elise-nord","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"FC Portland","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"fc-portland","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Oregon State women's soccer","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"oregon-state-womens-soccer","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Junction City","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"junction-city","type" :"tag"}],"keywords" :["Class of 2013 Verbals","National Girls Verbal Commitments","US Youth Soccer Girls News","Oregon Girls Verbal Commitments","Oregon Girls Soccer News","Must See","Elise Nord","FC Portland","Oregon State women's soccer","Junction City"],"lastModified" :"2012-04-30T14:08:51Z","premium" :false,"links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"section" :"High-SchoolGirls-Soccer","source" :"","images" :[],"blogname" :"high-schoolgirls-soccer","sportRoot" :"girls soccer"}],"sportRoot" :"girls soccer"} Oregon State lands in-state keeper false false false false-->

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Oregon State lands in-state keeper

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