ESPN’s experts weighed in on what the Redskins’ blueprint should be; a few nuggets jumped out. NFL Insider Louis Riddick labeled the relationship between new coach Jay Gruden and Griffin as a top priority. Considering what happened last season, it’s tough to disagree.\n
Riddick also wrote that the No. 2 priority involves the line: “Other than LT Trent Williams, the offensive line is horrible and needs to be upgraded, no matter what the new scheme will be.”\n
Draft analyst Mel Kiper listed several players to watch in the second round, but two who could provide excellent value, he said, are offensive tackle Morgan Moses from Virginia and receiver Allen Robinson from Penn State. Both play at positions of depth in the draft.\n
Finally, KC Joyner included a stat on linebacker Brian Orakpo: “Orakpo posted a 2.3 percent mark in the disrupted dropback percentage metric that tracks how often a defender tallies a sack, interception, pass defensed or batted ball. That total ranked sixth among all linebackers last year and illustrates the kind of impact Orakpo can have.”","title" :"Offseason Blueprint: Washington Redskins","byline" :"John Keim","linkText" :"Offseason Blueprint: Redskins","description" :"The Redskins’ blueprint this offseason will look more like a road map. So many roads they could go down because of the needs they must fill and the number of free agents they have.","published" :"2014-03-04T17:00:29Z","emailTime" :"2014-02-28T11:05:29+00:00 EST","tags" :[{"name" :"Washington Redskins","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"washington-redskins","type" :"category"},{"name" :"DeAngelo Hall","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"deangelo-hall","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Mel Kiper","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"mel-kiper","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Chris Baker","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"chris-baker","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Brian Orakpo","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"brian-orakpo","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Trent Williams","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"trent-williams","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Robert Griffin III","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"robert-griffin-iii","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Louis Riddick","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"louis-riddick","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Allen Robinson","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"allen-robinson","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"Morgan Moses","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"morgan-moses","type" :"tag"},{"name" :"2014 Offseason Blueprint","links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"slug" :"2014-offseason-blueprint","type" :"tag"}],"keywords" :["Washington Redskins","DeAngelo Hall","Mel Kiper","Chris Baker","Brian Orakpo","Trent Williams","Robert Griffin III","Louis Riddick","Allen Robinson","Morgan Moses","2014 Offseason Blueprint"],"lastModified" :"2014-03-04T17:00:29Z","premium" :false,"links" :{"web" :{"href" :""},"mobile" :{"href" :""}},"section" :"NFL Nation","source" :"","images" :[{"height" :80,"width" :80,"type" :"inline","url" :""}],"blogname" :"nflnation","sportRoot" :"nfl"}],"sportRoot" :"nfl"} Offseason Blueprint: Redskins false false false false-->

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Offseason Blueprint: Redskins

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